About us

href=”https://girlspowernebbi.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/dscf1828.jpg”&gt;DSCF1828href=”https://girlspowernebbi.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/dscf1808.jpg”&gt;DSCF1808 <a

Girls Power Micro Lending Organization (GIPOMO) is a Community Based Initiative that invests in the future of the girl child in Nebbi District, Northern Uganda. Because girl education is is key to the empowerment of a girl child, yet most household in the once traumatized north can not afford to maintain their children (and much less the girl child) at school, GIPOMO provides affordable micro-credit services to local women targeted towards promoting women active involvement in business so as to supplement household income. We chose women because as mothers, they are best placed to financially contribute to the education of the girl child. We define our credit as “Growth Credit” because it is intended to enable women grow their existing businesses. When a woman realizes stable incomes, will provide proper food, clothing as well as girl-specific health care to their daughter which are important factors for school retention amongst girls.


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